Welcome to My World is a unique show - the first one-person musical ever written for and about a fourteen-year-old girl. This show is a brand new one-girl musical by Writer/Director Bruce Kimmel and we're very excited about it.  The show is a series of monologues and songs, taking you into the world of a bright, funny, iconoclastic young lady named Molly, who has her own very unique ways of looking at things and life.  The songs are tuneful, witty, and touching.   The response to the Reading and the Workshop of "Welcome To My World" has been overwhelming! We can't wait to bring the fully realized show to you! 


Bruce has been working with Sami since she was twelve, using her in his productions of his

World-Premiere Anthony Newley musical revue, Pure Imagination (at the Pacific Resident Theatre), his acclaimed and rave-reviewed production of Li'l Abner, and she's been a regular performer in his once a month Kritzerland shows at The Federal.  


Bruce had this idea for a show 5 years ago, where at the time it was going to be a series of Monologues for teens, because as you may know, finding great, smart monologues for teen girls is difficult at best.  But after he met Sami back in 2012, the idea started percolating that this would make a great musical and with Sami's personality, voice and view of life this would be a great vehicle for Sami or any teen girl who loves to get out there and give it their all on stage. For over a year Bruce and Sami talked about all kinds of things over lots of lunches.  He would ask her questions and she would answer them candidly...and a show was born.  Sami has completed the reading and the workshop of Welcome to My World.  This show is full of wonderfully sweet, funny, poignant, smart teen monologues and incredible and tuneful songs.